What We Do

What We Do

Our work is centered on the Církev reformovaná (Reformed Church) of Zlín.  This church grew out of a small group of Czech believers who came to Christ shortly after the Velvet Revolution.  Today there are about 10 families with 20 children and 5 singles who attend fairly regularly.  

We spend a significant portion of our time discipling believers and non-believers through leading small group Bible studies and preparing lessons and teaching Sunday school for the children.  We lead two small Bible studies that meet in the homes of church members.  We also prepare materials to enable Czech church members to teach Sunday school for their children. 
We support the church in their efforts to host a conference each fall that is focused on family and marriage relationships.

We are open to developing very small group discipleship meetings with individuals and couples; this has proven effective in the past.

We host a one week English camp each summer that usually attracts around 80 - 100 people, including our American short term missionaries and Czech church members.  The topics of study, the camp themes, and the matters for group discussion are centered on the Bible.  The Zlín church is heavily involved in planning for and leading this camp.  Through this effort, we hope to connect our Czech Christian friends with non-believers from our community.
We host parties in our home and invite a mixture of believing and non-believing Czech friends.  We also meet with Czechs for meals and conversation in an effort to develop friendships.     

We host a prayer meeting for the Czech elders and their wives roughly twice each month.  This is an important time of connecting, sharing, and praying for our church and our work.

Our team has a long history of publishing Christian literature in the Czech language.  The most recent works include Paul David Tripp’s Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands and The Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones

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